August 3, 2016

happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! on monday i turned the big 2-6. which isn’t a big deal, but it means i’m on the other side of 25 that’s closer to 30, and i feel like the next thing i know, i’m going to be 36 and before i know it i’ll be an old nona saying “back in my day…”.

around my birthday and new years i always get so reflective on the last year – where i thought i would be at this time, what goals i’ve accomplished in the time that’s passed and how different of a person i am. there are always good reflections and not-s0-good ones: i am so proud of the fact that this year i got myself to italy and experienced that with mr. copper. i became connected with this whole section of my family i never knew if i would get the chance to meet, which brought so much warmth and love and happiness into my life. on the flip side, i’m feeling restless and not as accomplished as i thought i’d be by this age. i’m stuck in this weird existential crisis i’ve been having over the last few years (this is the year i get out of it, i swear!).

even though i’m feeling a little old (my grey streak seems to be growing by the day!) and i’m wishing time would slow down, i did have an amazing time celebrating on the roof with the wonderful people in my life. i made a little food, had a lot to drink, and danced the night away to 90’s hits under the stars. thank you to everyone who made turning 26 a lot more fun <3

cutie cards from martina <3
peach tartpeach cardamom tarts
pizza4bruschetta & grilled breadpizza3 pizza5
focaccia pizza with mint pesto, ricotta, prosciutto, figs and honey (left), and zucchini ribbons, mozzarella, pecorino romano, chilli oil and pistachios

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