about me

about me

ciao! my name is aleshia. i’m a carb obsessed aspiring nona.

i grew up in a small town in northern ontario, in a big, loud, wonderful italian family, always surrounded by food – it’s tomato sauce that flows through my veins! from a young age i developed a relationship with food and have always loved to eat (so much so that at the age of 2 i tried to eat a snail out of a potted plant, i cracked the poor guy’s shell!). i was shown that food isn’t just fuel, it’s meant to be enjoyed and shared with family and friends. it’s how we nourish the ones we love, how we say thank you, how we connect with each other.

i moved to the big city and went to school for fashion management, had a couple of internships, eventually settling into a project coordination and corporate communications role. over the years, my lifelong love of food grew into a passion, and that’s how this blog was born.

my favourite drink is a negroni; i will never be able to choose a favourite between pasta and pizza; the only food i really hate is avocados. when i’m not blogging you can find me on the hunt for the next best charcuterie board, sweating out the carbs at the gym or organizing my next dinner party with a glass of wine in hand.

about the blog

“all sorrows are less with bread” is a quote from miguel de cervantes, a spanish writer and poet, that i came across ages ago and stuck with me. any sadness, loneliness, emptiness is less with the warmth and nourishment that food brings. that quote embodies my food philosophy, inspiring me to create honest, unfussy, delicious recipes aimed at bringing people together.

less with bread was born after a push from my friends who were tired of my spamming their instagram feeds with everything i was making (no joke lol). without knowing how to use a camera or any details of starting a blog, i dived right in to purse my passion. with determination (and looots of practice!), i’ve taught myself how to show the world the beauty of food as i see it, through images and story telling.

on less with bread, you’ll find a variety of different recipes inspired by my current cravings, seasonal produce, and life experiences. i love to explore italian food culture and share with you the intimate (and often funny) stories behind every thing that i create.

buon appetito