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beet fettuccine + brown butter & sage

March 21, 2018

i’m slowly trying to start to get inspired again, armed with the knowledge that the first glimpse of spring produce is riiiiiight around the corner. i’m praying that over the next few weeks i’ll start to see the first stalks of bright pink rhubarb at the markets, followed by beautiful green asparagus and garlic scapes, and for it to only get more exciting after that. i daydream about wandering through farmers markets buying summer produce like other girls daydream about buying shoes. i’ve already marked in my calendar when all of the toronto farmers markets start back up, because it’s like a national holiday to me. i swear, if anyone wants to come with me to the opening of the first one and make a party out of it, i am SO down.

under the fog of my weather induced depression from which i’m slowly coming out, i realized in the neglect i’ve shown my blog over the course of this winter, i have barely posted any pasta recipes, even though i’ve been eating it almost every day for the last few months. i’ve also been making fresh pasta quite a bit too – 200 butternut squash ravioli for my last dinner series, a giant lasagna with every component from scratch, countless nights of whipping up fresh pasta and braised meats for cozy nights in with friends, i just haven’t bothered to take photos of anything or have any inspiring words to share with you.

in my restlessness for spring, i’ve decided to stop waiting around for mother nature to get her shit together, and bring some colour into my kitchen all on my own. and i’ve also decided to bring you a much needed pasta recipe, because we all need more pasta in our lives. so i present to you without further ado *drumroll please*… beet fettuccine!

this ended up being possibly the the prettiest, most photogenic, messiest pasta i’ve ever made. my hands and table were stained pink for a few days, but it was worth it for the much needed pop of colour this pasta brought into my life. it’s as easy to make as regular pasta, and i’m kicking myself for not having done this before. i also love the subtle earthiness the beets bring to the table, so much that i only tossed it with some brown butter, crispy sage and pecorino (and those fancy af edible flowers cause i can’t get enough spring vibes in my life).

i can’t wait to experiment with other coloured pastas – i haven’t been this excited and inspired to cook in months.

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