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blood orange + basil infused gin

January 13, 2017

i really hope you haven’t fallen off your new year resolution wagon yet! i’m totally sending you positive vibes as i sip this cocktail, since we all know i didn’t bother with any detox resolutions this year.

on that note, i shout from the rooftops my love for gin – and i don’t even know when it happened. we all go through the weird phases of drinking: you taste your first beer and ask yourself “wtf is this”, but then it grows on you; the high school parties when there’s a mickey of smirnoff attached to your hand – and then you get too vodka drunk and throw-up and you’re turned off for life – oh that’s just me? ok then. after that there were the college years when i solely drank tequlia, danced on tables and bragged about being immune to hangovers. and then somewhere along the way from then til now, at the ripe old age of 26, when hangovers are now a fiery, headachy hell, i discovered how to drink like an adult (still questionably at times) and i also discovered gin.

gin is the quintessential cocktail spirit – the flavours come alive when mixed with other ingredients, and no two brands taste alike. i prefer the flavours hendricks with cucumber, lime, and tonic, dillon’s dry distilled in a negroni, and beefeater in a slutty martini (i also just love saying slutty martini). the one component all gin have in common is the juniper berries – vodka is made with just potatoes and water, that basic bitch. back in the day gin was brewed in bathtubs and back alleys, and drank mostly by the poor, but it was also used to battle malaria, and the navy mixed it with lime to battle scurvy. GIN IS THE CURE.

when i think of “infused alcohol” my mind gravitates towards the disturbing aisle in the liquor store that houses the marshmallow, cupcake, and fake raspberry flavoured bottles of vodka and i shudder a little (though i will give ciroc a break because it’s fun at parties), but this infused gin is basically the difference between high school drunk me and current day drunk me. blood orange sweetness and a hint of spicy basil, it’s classy

blood orange + basil infused gin

1 bottle inexpensive, neutral tasting gin (i used bombay)
1 blood orange, sliced
1 bunch basil, gently bruised
1 bottle with tight fitting lid, a large mason or old booze bottle

add everything to the vessel you’re using & gently shake. let rest for 3 days then strain & chill.

then make blood orange gin cocktails! 1 part gin, two parts blood orange juice, topped with soda & basil leaf. chin chin!

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