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blueberry scones + lemon mascarpone cream

February 21, 2018

i think we’re finally hitting the tail end of winter!!! i feel like i probably just jinxed it by saying that, but hoping with every fibre of my being that i didn’t *knocks on the closest piece of wood*. it was 14 degrees yesterday and it was pure bliss – i wore my sneakers with EXPOSED ANKLES. bless up.

the weather forecast says it’s supposed to drop back down below zero this weekend, so i’ll be back to hibernation mode which means lots of snacks, blogging and baking, and i suggest you do the same. who wants to venture out into our grey, chilly wind tunnel of a city, when you can stand by the warmth of your oven and bask in the smell of blueberry scones? the answer is no one, especially not you. which is why i’m sharing with you a recipe for stonewall kitchen’s blueberry scones with lemon mascarpone cream today.

i had always noticed stonewall kitchen products at my favourite specialty food stores over the years, they had always caught my eye cause i’m a sucker for cute packaging, but i had never bought any. last week i had attended a cooking event hosted by stonewall, and i finally got to try what was in those adorable glass jars and clean white packaging – and it was delicious! i usually have my reservations about using packed baked goods – i’m sure you’re all familiar with my vendetta against chemical-laden foods, but i was delighted to find that all of their products are made with only real ingredients of the highest quality. take this blueberry scone mix used in this recipe for example – i’m familiar with and can pronounce every ingredient – something so rare with packaged foods now-a-days.

these scones are light as air with little pops of blueberry throughout. i paired them with lemon mascarpone cream (blueberry & lemon is my fave combo), and topped them with stonewall’s wild blueberry jam! the best part is they this whole recipe comes together in under 30 minutes –  i suggest you make a double batch because the first one won’t even make it til breakfast 🙈.

wishing you all a cozy and happy weekend filled with netflix, alpaca socks and plenty of warm scones. xo

stonewall kitchen blueberry scones with lemon mascarpone

1 package stonewall kitchen blueberry scones
10 tablespoons butter, cubed
1/2 cup cold milk

lemon mascarpone cream
1/4 cup mascarpone cheese
1/4 cup cold heavy cream
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
juice & zest of 1/2 lemon

to make the scones, follow the directions on the packaging.

while scones are baking, using a stand mixer, whip together all of the cream ingredients until light and fluffy.

serve scones warm topped with a generous helping of cream & stonewall kitchen’s wild blueberry jam.

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