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August 6, 2014

i hope everyone has been having a beautiful summer so far. i can’t believe it’s already august – i don’t know where the time has gone. i’m hoping we get an indian summer and the hot weather stretches right through until the end of october; i’m already shivering at the thought of cold nights, grey skies and having to wear pants again. i’ve had the most lovely summer – lots of random fun nights, lots of cooking, lots of laughing. one of my favourites was when i went to brickworks farmer’s market a couple of weekends ago. brickworks4

it’s held every saturday and sunday almost all year round – here’s the link for more details: Brickworks Farmer’s Market. the atmosphere was so vibrant – cute little vendors set up selling all kinds of wonderful health and wellness gifts, tons of food vendors and trucks; farmers and bakers and cheese makers. everything smelled delicious and everyone was genuinely interested in their product. it really was picturesque – light streaming through the open space, beautiful natural wood everywhere and metal and trees and flowers all around the area. checkerd table cloths and cute pups running around.brickworks2

brickworksbrickworks1i couldn’t stop taking pictures of the produce – everything was so beautiful and fresh and smelled incredible. i was passing by one stand and i noticed a bag of veggie chips that i wanted to snack on, but then my gaze traveled over everything else they had to offer and guys… these breads!  hand-crafted, french style, made with fresh local and organic ingredients. the cutest muffins and cookies were lined up on the shelves – it was a struggle to not buy one of everything. i ended up having the pleasure of talking with a lovely woman who runs marché 59 and P&H farms. – the maker of these icredible carb dreams. her appreciation for the beauty of food was a joy – i can’t wait to visit again.breaad1


do you see this bread?! sundried tomato, crunchy on the outside, wonderfully doughy on the inside. i ate half the loaf without a shred of guilt. i have a list of things i’ll be back to brickworks to try from marche such as the pain au lait, eclairs and almond tarts, and these muffins below. i need one of those chocolate chip muffins right. now.



P&H farms also had some beautiful strawberries and edible flowers (my obsession with edible flowers is reallllll).


brickworks6i also had the pleasure of taking to a couple of hilarious farmers from grassroots organic from kawartha (the same place that makes that amazing ice-cream that i basically ate half a tub of at the cottage on the weekend). the guys running the stand were totally charming, and i have a major crush on their selection of edible flowers. i picked up some heirloom radishes, fresh iceberg lettuce, and the BEST spring onions ever. these onions were so good i actually just ate a whole one, raw.

produce1 produce2

how incredibly beautiful are the colours – bright  greens, oranges and pinks.  everything was so crisp and fresh – i can never get over the difference it makes when you eat organic foods. i can’t wait to get my hands on some quail eggs next time i’m at brickworks, and try a whole new selection of veggies.

quail eggs produce5 produce4

i left brickworks feeling giddy and inspired. all of the vendors get to live and breath their passion and just have such an honest appreciate for the beauty of food. it was a really great experience, and the best way to spend a sunday. i can’t wait to go back and see the new selection and take a ton more pictures, and learn more about the vast variety of goods that are offered.

it’s been a beautiful summer so far, filled with beautiful food.

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