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December 2, 2016

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happy friday! we made it through another week, and we’ve officially hit the holiday season! we all deserve to kick off our shoes and settle in with a drink (preferably a strong one), as we finalize our weekend plans. i hope for most of you that means a delicious late dinner filled with pasta and plenty of wine, christmas market hopping (as i plan to do), or even staying in bed all day binge watching netflix surrounded by snacks.

here to help relax until until dinner is your weekly aperitivo – cherry gin and soda. i’m super excited about this cherry gin – it’s by my favourite gin brand, dillon’s distillers, which is made just around the corner from me in niagara wine country. i first fell in love with them a few years ago when i picked up their bottle of unfiltered just because i thought it was pretty, and i was totally hooked. it’s cloudy and full of flavour and became my new on the rocks obsession. very soon after, i tried their rose gin and fell in even more in love, but hadn’t been able to find another flavour at my local store until last week (definitely convincing myself to make that online order verrrrry soon – it’s normal to order copious amounts of booze on the internet, right?!). i saw that they had released a rye and rushed to my local lcbo to see if they carried it. to my disappointment, they didn’t, but i stumbled upon this cherry gin instead – YAY. it’s bright and beautifully flavoured with a hint of sweetness – perfect on the rocks, or mixed with a bit of soda.

so grab yourself a snack, pour some dillon’s cherry gin, and have a lit weekend – you deserve it!

dillon’s cherry gin + soda

stir one shot of gin with ice & strain into a glass. pour ice cold san pellegrino over top and drop a cherry in.


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