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citrus gin spritz & hosting the perfect nye party!

December 30, 2017

can you believe that 2017 is over?! i feel like this year has flown by quicker than any. i’m SO ready for the new year and everything that it has to offer, but first we have to end out the new year with a party!

gone are the days where i’m planning to go out to a bar, get wildly drunk, and wake up the first day of the new year hungover af and eating 2 pizzas to myself. i’m all about spending the night with a small group of my closest friends, drinking cocktails and eating charcuterie. oh, how times have changed!

to prep for the perfect night in, i’ve picked out all of the hosting necessities from kitchen stuff plus, and created a bright and boozy cocktail for you and your loves to enjoy.

the most important part of the night is the food. for me, charcuterie is the best party food of all time. wait – it’s actually the best food of all time, and this 3 tiered ceramic buffet tray is perfect for having multiple layers of goodness to choose from. it’s also a nice way to switch things up from the usual spread on a cutting board. in my dream world i’d totally have two of these at my party: one for meat and one for cheese. #goalsaf

even though i could eat charcuterie all night – what’s a party without chips and dip? this ceramic oval chip and dip set spices up your table with a little glam – way better than the plastic bowls i had at my parties when i was a kid. i used mine for assorted crackers (those ones circling the dip bowl are BOMB – apricot and fennel flavoured – i’m obsessed with them), and crostini for my charcuterie platters, but i’d fully endorse it if you filled it with all dressed ruffles and onion dip *drooling*.

okay – i’m back after wiping the drool from my keyboard (gross, i know. but all dressed chips and onion dip are my kryptonite), and want to share a few other party table essentials: the cutest little cocktail picks that are actually on clearance right now (!!!), as well as these gold rimmed side plates that are also on clearance! i love the little touches of sparkle that they add to the table – and if any time of the year is the time for you to get a little sparkle crazy, it’s now.

the second most important thing at any party is the dranksssss. i’ve provided a recipe for a beautifully bright citrus gin spritz below, and the perfect thing to serve them in are these stunning hammered glass gold rimmed martini glassesi’m loving the detail of the hammered glass – it adds a little texture to the drink – perfect for those cheers boomerangs you’ll be snapping all night. for those who want a bit of wine, these stemless every day wine glasses are perfect to have out on the table – they’re pretty enough for some fancy red, but also casual enough for guests who need a bit of water between drinks. and, they come in a pack of 12 – so you’ve got everyone covered. speaking of water – the cutest way to serve it up is filled with ice and festive citrus in a beverage dispenser! we all need to stay hydrated so we don’t feel like a bag of crap the next day – one drink, one water is my partying rule. it only took me about 10 years to realize that’s the smart way to drink *rolls eyes*.

for mixing up these cocktails you have to look like a professional with the right tools – a beautiful crystal mixing glass and proper stainless steel mixing spoon adds the perfect touch to your bar, and are cute enough to leave out on the table all night, ready for use at a moment’s notice! they’re also great additions to your kitchen repertoire, and on sale right now!

now that you know exactly what you need to pick up, get out to a kitchen stuff plus store to grab them today! find the cocktail recipe below, and now you’re all set for a magical night in filled with great food, drinks and friends. the perfect way to ring in an amazing new year!

from the bottom of my heart, i’m wishing everyone wonderful and safe new years eve, and i can’t wait to spend 2018 to continue to share my love of food with you!

citrus gin spritz
*makes one cocktail

1 – 1 1/4 oz. gin (depending on strong you like it!)
3/4 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice
3/4 oz. freshly squeezed grapefruit juice
1/2 oz. aperol
1/2 oz. simple syrup
1 dash orange bitters

add all ingredients to your new crystal mixing glass with a handful of ice, stir with a stainless steel cocktail spoon, then strain into martini glasses. enjoy with a slice of orange.


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