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classic negroni

November 25, 2016

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ahh aperitivo, one of my favourite things about euorpean food culture. aperitivo comes from the latin word aperire, meaning “to open” – it is literally meant to open your senses to dinner. after a day of work, you meet up with your friends for a cocktail, usually prosecco, aperol, campari or vermouth based, and a few nibbles like chips (my fav), nuts or olives, to relax before heading home to prepare dinner or get ready for your night ahead.

while we were travelling, we got totally obsessed aperol spritz, brought the trend back home, and drank almost exclusively that for the rest of the summer (i’m surprised i didn’t turn orange, actually). having an aperitivo before a dinner with the sunset on the roof was the norm this summer,  and so even though now the sun is setting early, i still want to keep the tradition of an aperitif alive at home, starting with a negroni.

the negroni is a classic aperitif, made with equal parts ruby red campari, gin and vermouth rosso served on the rocks – dry, strong and the perfect pick me up after a long day, on any day of the week.

classic negroni

1 shot campari
1 shot vermouth
1 shot dry gin

mix together and pour over over. garnish with an orange peel. enjoy with a small, salty snack!


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