coffee break: sud forno

March 20, 2017

happy monday! or maybe not so happy considering it’s still below zero outside. either way, i have something to get you through the week.

i used to do a weekly post called friday favourites, where i would share whatever i happened to be obsessing over that week. after a little while, i stopped, conflicted because i wanted to just give you guys good food 100% of the time and not just create content for the sake of creating content. when i lost my job a few months back, my morning routine changed into taking an hour, having my espresso and consuming something meaningful on the internet. not mindless scrolling through my social media feeds, but reviewing lynda.com courses, reading the news, listening to podcasts, educating myself on food history, whatever. the other day i was in the middle of my morning routine of espresso and reading and i thought, well… i read/listen to/learn about so much good shit, i need to share it with someone! and hence coffee break was born.

here’s the deal: every monday i’m going to share with you some stuff to fill up your coffee break (or lunch hour, whatever) with for the week. legit articles, podcasts, whatever i’m looking at that prevents me from falling into a black meme hole. i’m going to hit up my favourite coffee shops around the city, give you the DL on them (aka the best snacks to order), and re-do the whole morning coffee & newspaper thing the modern way.

to kick things off, i stopped by one of my favourite places, sud forno. this little place a few doors down from terroni on queen (my favourite location, i can’t wait til their back patio is open) is their in house bakery where they bake all of their bread, pizza dough and desserts. they have a selection of delicious salads, panini, treats and PIZZA. i love going there to get some blogging done upstairs or sit by the window on the main floor and people watch. order an espresso, a slice of pizza, and a few mini bomboloni (because one is never enough), lemon twist cookie, or tiramisu for dessert.

now for my favourite things i’ve consumed this week!

my favourite murder podcast! ok, that’s a link for all of the episodes, and the regular ones are kind of long, so listen to a mini episode where they review 3 hometown murders sent in by listeners. i was never much for podcasts that weren’t food related until i started listening to karen and georgia and now i’m obsessed with this one – they’re just so funny and #relatable.

this nytimes article about living in a computer simulation. it’s related to the incident that happened at the oscars, so it’s a little outdated, but it spawned a solid couple hour research session into similar articles, and i would quite like to think it’s true.

a very long article on medium about 4chan and it’s part in the rise of trump.

a saveur article on the world’s most expensive butter. and then because if i had to choose between butter and olive oil, i’d naturally choose olive oil, so i of course had to research the world’s most expensive oil so here that is too. and for good measure, here is saveur’s olive oil essential guide.

BILL NYE’S LETTER TO THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION ABOUT NASA (if you don’t read anything else in here at least read this).

okay, i know it’s another food related article, but this is a good read on the unhealthy fixation on eating “non-gmo“, and the flaws in the war against gmo foods.

also, i just finished reading the whole harry potter series for the 20th time, which has been taking up the majority of my life, so there will be more to this list next week. please do yourself a favour and read the series if you haven’t (and even if you have) – it’s still the best series ever written and i’m devastated that i’m done. it’s like a break up – i’m not ready to move on and read anything else & i feel like something is missing from my life. it’s sad.

have a good week everyone! xo

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