date night at maman toronto

March 21, 2016

IMG_1833a couple of weeks ago, i had the pleasure of attending “date night” with mr copper hosted at maman toronto. when you walk in, you immediately forget that you’re in the heart of the financial district. it’s warmly lit and all kinds of charming, filled with rustic wooden tables, beautiful plates and silverware, a palette of blues and whites that transport you to the south of france.


it’s the second child to co-owners benjamin sormonte, elisa marshall, michelin star chef armand arnal, laure de la moussaye and othman kacimi, and you can tell in the atmosphere. everything about the spot is welcoming and friendly, especially the service, but with the touch of class the french are known for.

DSC_0169 DSC_0174

even though they are situated right at king and bay which is all kinds of crazy during office hours, i love that they are expanding past pastries and sandwiches and catering to the after work crowd as well; after all, the french are known for relaxing and enjoying their wine. they have a beautiful list of cocktails and truly delicious tartinettes available to help you unwind, and host events every few weeks for people to get together and connect over food.

IMG_1842 DSC_0179

we were lucky enough to attend fondue date night right in the middle of a snow-storm. it really couldn’t have been more picturesque – big snowflakes falling outside the foggy windows, glasses full of wine and a big pot of bubbling cheese on the table. the french really know how to do a snow-storm right – keep warm by drinking lots of wine and consuming lots of carbs and fat – this is why french and italians get along so well.

DSC_0233 DSC_0222

i basically had to get rolled out of the beautiful restaurant as i turned into a wheel of cheese, but i left with some very wise words: “when eating fondue, one must always consume only wine, never water, or the cheese will harden in your stomach”. that’s definitely a statement i can get behind.


check out maman’s website and sign up to one of their events. maybe we can be drunken wheels of cheese together!


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