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caffè correcto: disaronno classico

February 19, 2017

in italy they have this amazing thing called a caffè correcto which is exactly like it sounds: corrected coffee. but how can coffee be wrong when it’s so delicious you might ask? well, as with most things, italians can even do coffee better, and that means adding a shot of booze with your morning espresso.

i read somewhere when doing research before going to italy last year, that trades workers would go to their local cafe on their way to work and always have their morning shot of espresso and shot of brandy. i immediately wanted to adopt that here, obviously – what a perfect way to put an extra little spring in your step before going to work. if everyone did that then there would be way less disgruntled people on public transit in the morning and answering annoying emails first thing in the morning wouldn’t be so painful.

instead of brandy, i made an espresso cocktail, called a disaronno classico. the soft amaretto/almond taste is ah-amazing with dark espresso. the sugar and whipped cream make it a sweet treat for first thing in the morning or an afternoon pick-me up. chin chin!

disaronno classico

1 brewed pot espresso
1 tablespoon sugar
whipped cream

dissolve the sugar in the hot espresso. pour about 1 1/2 shots of espresso into a small cup and add 1 shot of disaronno. top with fresh whipped cream, and then mix into the espresso for a creamy, frothy top!

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