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January 24, 2015

happy friday! after an INSANE week at work that included late nights, a probably unhealthy amount of caffeine, and a couple of tequila shots (gotta love my boss), i’m home at a respectable hour with a glass of wine in hand. since work has been so crazy, i haven’t had the chance to scour the internet and admire a bunch of stuff that i want to share with you all, but i have a few things up my sleeve!

read// i’m really excited to just chill out this weekend, get and get some quality reading time in. i’m currently reading marco pierre white‘s memoir “The Devil in the Kitchen”. i’m only a couple of chapters in, but already hooked. on only the second page he recounts the time that at his restaurant, a maitre’d had almost wheeled a cart of cheeses that were not exactly the perfect size out onto the floor, and to reprimand him, marco threw every last piece of cheese against the kitchen wall with all his might, and let them sit there, splattered against the tile, throughout dinner service as a humiliating reminder to everyone to never make that mistake again. i can only imagine what’s coming next!

see//Β the newsroom! the show i’m currently obsessed with. a few weekends ago, my guy and i binge watched studio 60 on the sunset strip – literally all 22 episodes in 2 days (don’t judge!), and so i started watching the newsroom because it’s by the same writer, aaron sorkin. i’m a little late to the party, since the show is already on it’s 3rd and final season on HBO, but i’m still obsessed. watch the opening scene of the pilot and you’ll be hooked too.

listen//Β at work all week i’ve been jamming at my desk with my headphones in – and accidentally singing out loud at my desk. this ellie goulding mash up is old, but still the best. (just listen to this and picture me saying “these hoes ain’t loyal” at my desk… lol).

and here’s an extra song for you to groove to saturday while cooking brunch. i’ve been listening to it and daydreaming of dancing on a roof top in the middle of summer.

visit//Β anyone in toronto should check out the interior design exchange! saturday and sunday are general admission, tickets are only $19, and some sponsors are the globe and mail and house & home! it’s going on it’s 17th year of influential speakers, inspiring exhibitions and leading products, so it’s definitely a hit! buy your tickets here, and hopefully you’ll bump into me!

make//Β thankfully i receive email updates from food52 throughout the week, and i can at least glimpse some of the amazing food i’ve been missing on the internet while i’m working. remember last week when i was talking about gabrielle hamilton’s cookbook release and memoir i had just finished? sure enough, food52 is on the same page as me and posted her escarole salad i have marked off in her novel. check out the recipe here! also check out GORGO mag for a post about a delicious matcha smoothie post they featured in their last issue. (every month i post a different recipe, so subscribe for continued deliciousness, and healthy living content).


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