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May 23, 2014

happy friday! i loved that it was a short week at work, and we had sun and blue skies every single day. can you even believe it?! my heart is bursting in the best possible way. this inspires me to share with you some things i’ve been swooning over.

provisions is food52’s online shop where you can find everything to complete your meal. from vintage copper pots and pans, to one of a kind hand moulded serving utensils, and even food products like oils, spreads, and homemade pastas. i’m on their mailing list, so every couple of days i see something gorgeous that i deem absolutely necessary to my kitchen collection. unfortunately they don’t ship to canada yet, but as soon as they do, these two things are on the top of my order:
pour la tourtiere d’annette stoneware pie plate
floral letterpress coasters

next is THE BEST COOKBOOK OF ALL TIME. no seriously. this is a work of art. just watch this:

courtesy of my roommate who found it on adweek. the most brilliant way to promote a cookware line EVER. i wouldn’t even use any of it it’s too beautiful. only a handful of “master barbecue chefs” received one, but the agency is creating a simplified version to release. i’ve realized that my next goal in life is to become a master barbecue chef and have one of these presented to me.

blog lovin’! below are some of my favourite blogs – i try and keep up to date with my long, long, looong list of favourites, but every week i’ll rotate them for you so you can see which ones i’m crushing on.
my name is yeh
her photos are bright and beautiful, and her writing is so charming. she was a finalist for the saveur best food blog of the year awards. and lives on a farm! enough said.
pinch of yum
this blog is the push i needed to get mine going. their posts are informative and encouraging – i cannot give Lindsay and Bjork enough credit for walking people through the steps of how to get something up and running. her e-books are amazing; i’ve spent hours reading photography tips on here.
roost blog
this blog is a breathtaking space of the internet. beautiful writing and completely captivating photos that take you on journeys.
could i have that?
a gorgeous blog that i use for so much outfit inspiration. a chic and minimal lifestyle journal that i never miss a post about.

last but not least – listen to this while doing anything.┬ásuch a pretty summer song. it will have you bouncing down the street smiling in the sun with your head phones in, i promise.

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