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October 31, 2014

welcome to another edition of friday favourites! it’s currently grey and raining outside, but i can deal since i’m wearing cute purple rainboots and because the weekend is so near. and because my books arrived in the mail yesterday!!! i think the mailroom guy at my office was a bit shocked at how excited i was when he told me i had a package from amazon. i can’t wait to curl up on sunday with a big mason jar filled with tea and start reading.

since i’m on a big health tip lately since i’m going to miami for art basel in just 32 days (!!!!!!!), i’ve been scouting the web for things i can eat that don’t include carbs (this is going to be a sad month), or a lot of sugar (i’m doing tricks with no treats today – okay almost no treats), but will still fill me up since i’m used to eating so much. this friday fav post is all of my favourite findings – a couple of which i hope to make this weekend!

brussels sprouts salad from how sweet it is – i’m always on the hunt for a great spicy peanut dressing, and am excited to try this one out.

baked oatmeal with figs and dates by izzy at top with cinnamon – i’ve wanted to start eating oatmeal for breakfast since it keeps you full for a while without me having to eat something like toast, but a bowl of oatmeal grosses me out without a bunch of brown sugar on top. definitely going to be making this on the weekend!

coconut quinoa bowl from 101 cookbooks– i’m madly obsessed with anything coconut. i’m going to eat this until i can be holding a fresh coconut on south beach.

basic granola recipe from chow – also definitely making granola this weekend. i love yogurt and granola in the morning, but store bought granola either doesn’t have what i want in it, or has too much sugar.

honey miso stir fry from a beautiful mess – i’ve been eating a lot of stir-fry sans the rice lately, so this will be a perfect addition to the miami meal rotation

this compilation by food52 – 15 recipes worth staying in for on halloween.. i think i found the perfect excuse to stay in tonight!

this article on how to incorporate art into your kitchen – i’m in looove with all of those kitchens. making mental notes from this article for when i have my dream kitchen to decorate. (ps. you should follow the kitchn blog, they have an amazing variety of things to read besides great recipes!)

i hope you all have the best weekend – do some trick or treating and some drinking, and some relaxing.

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