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garlic scape & spinach gnudi

July 12, 2017

i always try and be a good blogger, make my content calendar and plan out my what to cook and post for the month, but i always fall off the wagon mid-week. i get too excited about random things i see at the market or in my fridge and there are just too many things i want to make and i end up randomly in the kitchen covered in flour with a pile of dishes overflowing in the sink.

that’s exactly what happened with these gnudi. i feel like i need to provide you with a peek into my completely scattered thought process so you can see how crazy i am:

yesterday i opened my fridge to get some water, and spotted my garlic scapes that were reserved for making pesto to top potato gnocchi peeking out from the crisper and thought, “maybe i’ll just make this pesto now”. i threw in some basil with the garlic scapes and then stopped and thought, ‘well i’ve just made radish top pesto not too long ago – maybe i should make something else?”. so i open the fridge and see ricotta that was supposed to be used for a post on crostini, and think, “maybe i should just use this now too!”. then my mind starts racing and i think, “i want to still make gnocchi for a post, so why don’t i throw it all together and make gnudi? but i’ve never made gnudi. oh well, let’s try!”. within two minutes i changed 2 weeks of scheduled content, but i can tell you that it was 100% worth it. these perfect little dumplings were like clouds, light and fluffy, tasting of sweet ricotta and fresh herbs. they also make me giggle because gnudi means naked in italian, which how these got their name – they’re the filling for ravioli without their “clothes”!!

the key to keeping these light is to be careful of how much flour is added in. adding too much will render your gnudi dense and chewy instead of fluffy and pillow-like. i sifted my flour into the mix as an added step, just to make sure things would stay light and airy (there’s no proof that this does anything, BUT if the same logic applies as when i’m baking, it should have helped a least a tiny bit). i made a quick pomodoro sauce to serve these on, but they would be equally as delicious tossed some brown butter (keeping that in mind for next time!).

though this post wasn’t planned, it was totally worth it just to have eaten them. i have a few more posts this week that are supposed to go live – who’s taking bets that i fall off the wagon yet again!

*raises hand* šŸ˜‰

garlic scape & basil gnudi & pomodoro sauce
*makes about 15 pieces

1 bunch garlic scapes
1 handful basil
1 handful spinach
1 cup fresh ricotta (drained if it’s very wet)
3 heaping tablespoons finely grated grana pandano
1/2 cup flour, sifted (give or take, start with 1/2 cup and add more as needed)
1 egg, beaten to blend
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
pinch of nutmeg

pulse the garlic scapes, basil and spinach together until finely chopped. add to a bowl of ricotta, sifted flour, beaten egg, grana pandano and spices. gently mix with a fork until everything is combined, adding a touch more flour if it seems too wet. the mixture should be sticky but not watery, exactly like ravioli filling.

to form, sprinkle some flour in the palm of your hand and scoop about an ice cream scoop worth of mixture on top and gently roll until just combined. place on a parchment paper lined sheet. repeat until all of the mixture is gone.

bring a large pot of water to a rolling boil. drop a few gnudi at a time into the water and cook for about 4-5 minutes, or just until they start to float to the surface. remove and place on a bed of sauce, and top with grated grana pandano or parm & serve!

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