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grilled carrots with carrot top gremolata

July 26, 2017

this post comes with sort of a funny story:

i’m turning 27 in a few weeks, and i JUST got my g class drivers license two weeks ago. of course i waited to the very last minute; my license expires august 8th and if i hadn’t passed, i would have had to start all over again from my g1 written test (and i wouldn’t have been able to use the car i rented in italy!!!!).yes, you’re allowed to laugh at how late i am at getting this – i’m embarrassed to tell people half the time. i got my g2 really late, and then as soon as i got it i moved to toronto and never drove anywhere. even though my boyfriend has a car, for the first 3 years of being together, i always made him chauffeur me around: to get groceries, to bring me to pick up food, to appointments where taking the ttc would take an unreasonable amount of time, etc. mostly because i couldn’t park to save my life, and also because driving in the city can be stressful – there are so many things to watch out for! but then in october, i was let go from my day job and i began working from home, and i decided to just take the car somewhere. i can’t even remember where i decided to go first, but i slowly overcame my fear of parking (and can now park anywhere, reverse park and parallel park like a pro), overcame my fear of merging onto the major highways, and i now LOVE driving. i actually don’t know how i lived without a car until now – i have such freedom! *cue a whole new world song from aladdin*. for the last 8 months i’ve been cruising around the city, loving driving, and so when i heard about this opportunity – i knew i had to take it.

my boyfriend saw a post on facebook that a friend was looking for delivery drivers to deliver CSA boxes every friday for his company, homegrown. homegrown is a CSA program run by forsythe family farms, which has been operating with love since 1972, just outside of the city. the job would entail cruising around the city (which i love doing), delivering farm fresh fruits and veggies to people’s doorsteps – can you even imagine a more perfect job for me? i’m bringing people happiness! after a rough start (another story for another time), i’ve mastered the job and am so happy to be a part of the team. and the best part is? i get my own box every week! i’ve toyed with the idea of signing up for CSA boxes for a while, and i’m really happy that i held out and get to support homegrown. the variety i’ve gotten in the last few boxes is amazing, from beets, kale, onions, mushrooms and the most delicious berries i’ve ever had; everything arrives with it’s greens still attached, covered in soil – the way your food is meant to be received!

in a box last week i received the cutest baby carrots with their vibrant green tops attached. since i’ve been in the habit of grilling anything and everything, i tossed these little cuties in some olive oil, cumin salt and pepper and got them nice and charred. the cumin lends the sweet carrots a wonderful smoky flavour – and even though it’s not italian, i couldn’t help but share this recipe with you guys. to brighten things up a bit, i chopped up some of the carrot tops and tossed it with some salt and lemon zest to make a gremolata (which is a fancy italian word for saying chopped herb condiment), and drizzled the whole thing with some tangy greek yogurt and a touch of honey. the whole combo was AH-MAZING. like so good. so good that i ate the entire bunch of carrots to myself and called it a day – well, dinner actually. i added a handful of wild spinach from my friend’s neighbours garden and even though it was just essentially a plate of carrots, it’s been my favourite dinner of the past week!

grilled carrots with carrot top gremolata

1 bunch carrots & their tops, separated and washed
zest of 1 lemon
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 teaspoon cumin
1 tablespoon greek yogurt, thinned with a bit of water
salt & pepper

start the bbq and let it heat up, then clean the grill really well. cut any larger carrots in half, and toss with salt, pepper cumin and olive oil.
grill the carrots over med-high heat for about 4 minutes, rolling them occasionally, until the carrot has solid grill marks on it’s surface. move to a spot with indirect heat (i like my top grill for this), then close the bbq lid and let cook for about 10 minutes or until easily pierced with a knife.
chop the carrot tops finely and mix with the lemon zest. plate the carrots and sprinkle gremolata over top, then drizzle with yogurt and honey. finish with salt.

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