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grilled fava beans

August 11, 2015


my favourite place to be is the grocery store. even when i need to run in for one thing, i can stay in there for minimum 20 minutes, fawning over pretty produce, hovering around the meat and cheese counters, my mind overflowing with ideas of things to make and things to eat. i don’t think i’ve actually ever left with only one item. last week i took a break from work in the morning and wandered over, looking for something to eat; i left with two full bags of groceries of things i didn’t need – i just couldn’t help myself! beautiful fresh figs, ontario peaches & strawberries & little potatoes – everything in season and begging to be photographed and cherished and eaten.


i was innocently walking by a random cart of produce that hadn’t been put out yet and these mounds of pretty green beans caught my eye. so fresh & so vibrant! i picked some up and put it in my already heavy basket. now, in my defence (not that i really need one), aside from the fact that i already just really adore food, i’m trying to grill as many fun things as possible before summer is over. i feel as though i didn’t make as good of use as my bbq as i could have. i used it a ton, but mostly for pretty generic bbq foods. like, i mostly ate hot dogs. which i am totally and completely fine with because i love hot dogs on a soft white bun with lots of onions *drooling*. but the point is, in the last weeks of summer i want to grill some pretty fantastic foods and this turned out to be one of them.


i love their slightly fuzzy, soft shells. they were really low maintenance to prepare – just a wash and quick trim of the ends and they were ready. i marinated them in fresh lemon juice, plenty of olive oil and a handful of fresh herbs and chilli flakes. a sprinkle of sea salt after grilling, and they were the perfect snack.

grilled-fava-beans3 grilled-fava-beans6

grilled fava beans

1 bag fresh, in shell fava beans, washed and trimmed
juice of 1 lemon
2 cloves of garlic, minced
handful of mixed fresh herbs, chopped (i used savoury and oregano)
good drizzle olive oil (enough so that all beans are coated)
pinch of chilli flakes
flaked sea salt for serving

fire up your grill and let it get really hot. you want it to be hot enough to cook the beans all the way through. spray the grates & toss the beans on. grill for about 5-10 minutes, turning occasionally until they are soft and charred in spots. some of mine started to split open and their little beans would try and escape! make sure you take them off the grill when that happens.
serve with a pinch of sea salt and another squeeze of lemon juice


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