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grilled lettuces

May 26, 2016

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summer is here and i am the happiest person in the city. the forecast is calling for *feels like 36* this weekend and i’m basically vibrating with excitement. i know most people would say that’s much too hot, and they prefer a comfortable 24 degrees and to them i say SHHHH. i like to feel like i’m right beside the sun.

with this weather comes BBQ season! this is when i get to pass most dinners off to the grill master, mr. copper,  since for the next few months we will eat heaps on heaps of delicious grilled veggies and protein. as much as i love spending hours in the kitchen over a hot stove or oven, hanging on the roof surrounded by the smell of juices dripping into the fire and smoke billowing from the bbq is exactly where i want to be from may  – october.

something i’ve wanted to try for a while is grilling lettuce, especially pretty radicchio. this crisp, red lettuce has a bitter flavour that mellows out when cooked, and is exceptionally delicious with that smoky, flavour you get only from the grill. drizzled with good olive oil, fresh lemon juice and sea salt, it’s super easy to eat a whole serving and not feel like you’re eating salad (but you actually are! that means double dessert later).

grilled lettuces
• serves 2 or 4 as sides

2 radicchio heads, washed and outer leaves peeled away, cut in half
1/2 head red or romain lettuce, washed and shaken dry (core intact)
1/4 cup good olive oil
juice of 1/2 a lemon
sea salt

• heat grill to high heat and clean well. brush the cut surfaces of the lettuce with some of the olive oil, and place on hot grill, cut side down. grill for 2-3 minutes or until outer leaves just start to wilt and good char marks are formed.
• remove from heat and place on serving dish. drizzle with remaining olive oil and squeeze lemon juice all over. sprinkle generously with sea salt or flaky salt. serve!
grilled-lettuce grilled-lettuce9 grilled-lettuce6 grilled-lettuce8

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