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July 25, 2016

i’ve been back for 3 weeks now, and it feels like italy was just a dream. like this really beautiful magical dream. we were only gone for two weeks, but getting back to real life has been a struggle. the first week back was fine – you know, you get to see all of your friends who you missed, give your gifts, talk about your trip over and over – the second was hard because you’re falling back into the work, sleep, repeat routine (though we were lucky enough to go to my girlfriend’s cottage the weekend we got back), but now going onto the third is just depressing. as much as i love my apartment, and i missed my friends, i’m just so restless now.

i know that’s how everyone feels after vacation, but italy was different for me. for months before we went, everything i did was in excitement for this trip. my visit to the homeland! i had built it up so much in my mind, daydreaming all day, scheduling and planning, falling asleep to thoughts of pasta and gelato and my family who i was so excited to meet. there aren’t many things so far in my life that have been better than what i imagine them to be (i have a very vivid imagination), but this went so far beyond.

everything about the country from the people, to it’s landscape to the food (OH the foooood) – there is never going to be a place that i resonate more with than italy. the genuine kindness of every person we interacted with is astounding. everyone was so warm, welcoming and friendly. the country itself is stunning – i’ll go into detail in individual posts about the cities with some photos, but seriously so diverse. and jesus h christ the FOOD. there’s just so much of it. everywhere. all of the time. i eat A LOT, but nothing could have prepared me for the amount of delicious amazing food we ate. pizza, gelato, seafood, pasta, cheese and meat. i’m so envious of the quality of food there. the produce tastes so good, notably the tomatoes and arugula, but also all fruits we bought from the market.

it’s a different way of life over there. things move at a different, slower pace; people generally aren’t rushing through their days, stressed and uptight. life is lived to enjoy; people value small pleasures, time spent with each other, and food. it’s a refreshing reminder of what’s really important when you’ve been caught up in the rat race and pressure of life in the city for so long.

i’m already planning my trip back next year – i can’t wait to see my family again and experience more of what the beautiful, perfect country has to offer.

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