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January 15, 2018


i’ve been the worst at updating my blog – totally failing at my new years resolution to post at least once a week – but it’s only because i’ve been crazy busy with other clients that i’ve taken on, which is good because that means more $$$, even if it means less time for blogging.

i finally got the chance to sit down and edit these photos that the wonderful james drobik took for me – and i’m really excited to share them with you.

i’m sure you know already, but i started mangia! on my rooftop patio 2 years ago (before it was torn down, RIP), as a chance to bring all the people i loved from different friend groups together. i figured the easiest way to convince a bunch of strangers to get together is by providing the one thing we all have in common; food. i would gather a number of friends (most of them meeting for the first time), and cook them a curated menu inspired by seasonal ingredients and my memories of italy. i got to do the thing that i love the most, which is nourish the people i love, and in turn i watched total strangers laugh and share together. mangia! started as a way for me to hang out with all of my different friend groups under one roof, but it turned into something much more than that. on my little rooftop terrace under the stars, i provided a little escape – a place people came to slow down, enjoy each others company, and enjoy food as an experience, the italian way. i fostered a place where lasting friendships were built (i created new friendships of my own, too!), networking opportunities blossomed, and experiences shared.

this year, i’ve re-launched mangia! because i think more than ever it’s important that we come together, slow down and enjoy life’s experiences. it’s important that we meet and embrace new people, take the time to worry less and create more – more laughter, more memories, more positivity. i’ve envisioned mangia! as a place to be transported; to be involved in something different than the restaurant culture with it’s impersonal vibe and sometimes pretentious food and a little (lot) more of a celebration than your average dinner party. the drinks, meal, laughter, music – everything is an experience to be savoured and celebrated.

this was my first mangia! not on my rooftop or in my apartment, and so it was a learning experience. it was hosted in my friend’s tent in his backyard – the most unsuspecting place for a dinner. it embodied exactly what mangia! is supposed to be: this little hidden pocket in the city that you wouldn’t even know existed, from the outside looking calm and quiet, but as soon as you zip up the door and step inside, you’re met with the rush of laughter, the smell of good food and the wood fire stove and the warmest energy.

i was lucky enough to have georgian bay spirit co as the perfect sponsor for the night. i couldn’t have thought of a better fit; with the smell of the wood fire stove, the warm, twinkling lights, and the laughter embodied their brand perfectly. you could almost feel as if you’re camping in georgian bay, surrounded by your closest friends. we drank plenty of gin, ate a lot of pasta and bomboloni, and literally laughed ’til our sides hurt.

i’m so looking forward to 2018 and growing mangia! to be a monthly event, bringing people together in hidden gems like this one, and celebrating good food, music, drinks and most importantly – each other. check out some pictures below (and a SUPER SPECIAL VIDEO IS COMING SOON TOO OMG). keep your eyes on my instagram for details on the next one – i hope you’ll be a part of the experience!



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