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July 24, 2017

once or twice a summer i get to head up to my friend’s cottage in muskoka for a weekend with my closest friends. the cottage almost feels like a home away from home; i’ve been going for the last 5 or 6 years. every year it feels better to to escape the city; to shed the traffic and the pollution and the temptation of going out for unnecessary drinks. it feels better to live slowly; to not move from the doc all day unless it’s to jump in the water or pick up your book you laid to the side because you were napping. the older i get the more i appreciate this time with these friends, the ones that make you laugh harder than anyone else, that you can talk to about the most random shit. i also love going up to the cottage because i get to cook for people for the whole weekend; i plan my menu and grocery list a week in advance because i’m a huge nerd. this time we ate frittata, ancho beer braised pork shoulder tacos, charred tomato salsa and peach blueberry pie, and like 5 bags of chips because yolo.

even though the weather was cloudy, we still hung out on the dock, laughed until we couldn’t breath, ate a ton of food, played crazy 8’s and dreaded coming back to the city. here are a few snaps from the weekend; i’m missing it like crazy already!

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