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pizzelle ice cream sandwiches

May 17, 2017

ooouuuuuuuu summer is HERE! after what feels like an eternity, my favourite season has landed in the city and i feel like a changed person. the sun is out and i feel like i can take on the world! i also want to just make a note of how happy i am that i no longer have to wear pants. i’m bringing out all of my cute sleeveless tops, and skirts and dresses, and i want to ceremoniously burn the pair of black jeans and black turtleneck i wore all winter. the next key step in completing my summer nirvana, is getting the rooftop terrace rebuilt (ugh soooooon), and regaining possession of my bbq so i can grill all of the things.

now that the sun is out, i’m getting so excited to start experimenting all kinds of summer treats – and i’ve been creating a bucket list of summer treats i want to tackle, and at the top of the list is tiramisu ice cream, negroni popsicles and a whole lot of ways to use aperol (sangria anyone?!). this weather is also making me anxious to start dining alfresco, and making reminisce about eating outside in my nona’s backyard surrounded. back home is only nice in the summer, and those 30 degree nights we’d all sit around the big piece of plywood we’d turn into a table to be able to fit the family, the kids and their boyfriends, topped with a floral tablecloth rippling lazily in the warm breeze. surrounded by all of the hanging flower baskets, the makeshift table would be creaking under the weight of giant bowls of pasta, salad, charcuterie and wine, and we’d eat until we’re stuffed and the sun is slowly starting to sink in the sky. since at nona’s there’s always room for dessert, and always tins of them filled for when guests stop in for espresso, we’d eat one of my favourite things: pizzelle ice cream sandwiches.

pizzelles are these thin, sweet anise flavoured cookies that are always on hand in italian houses. we eat them all year round, with a thick layer of nutella, broken up on top of an affogato, or my favourite, these pizzelle ice cream sandwiches. it takes a little bit of time to make a few batches – so pick a rainy day, set yourself up in front of your favourite binge watching show, and make a couple dozen so you’re prepped and ready for your next bbq!

all hail summer! xo

pizzelle ice cream sandwiches

use my recipe for pizzelles 

once cooled, spread with your choice of ice cream and make a sandwich! make as many as you can and keep them in the freezer for a quick snack or the perfect dessert for your next bbq!

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