April 14, 2016

i’m going through a sort of identity blog crisis. i’ve been blogging casually for two years now, sometimes a lot more frequently than others, but never really very consistently until maybe the last couple of months. i started blogging simply because i love food. i’m just in love with cooking and eating and i think food is a beautiful form of art that i want to share with as many people as possible.

over the last couple months, i’ve been trying to be blogging the “right way”: following a content calendar, scheduling posts, worrying about my traffic and ways to generate more of it, and along the way blogging began to feel like a chore. i find myself cooking for the sole purpose of creating content. making a “spring salad” because it will fit into another post i’m doing for yahoo, or a tart because, well, i needed content for the upcoming week.  i’m starting to hate the word content; i ingest so much of it and it’s all getting redundant.

my heart isn’t in what i’ve been cooking lately. i don’t want to make st. patrick’s day cupcakes even though they’re cute and rack up the likes on instagram; as much as like sharing with whoever is reading, i don’t want to feel like i have to write a friday favourites post every week. i know the rules, i know that consistent content is what drives traffic, but i want things to feel organic. i don’t want to be every other popular food blog that’s on the web. i want to have my niche, my voice.

i think going forward, i’m going to shift my focus to italian cooking. it’s the only cuisine that consistently inspires me. as much as i know something like fried chicken will probably be a more popular post, 10/10 times i would prefer to make a giant batch of homemade pasta instead. i want to master making pasta and bread; i want to share my nona’s recipes with you; i want to learn how to make my own prosciutto; i want to also teach you that italian food doesn’t have to be synonymous with pasta.

pronti, attenti, via – mangia!

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