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January 15, 2015

every second wednesday, check here for the list of things i’m craving, and things you should be making! this week’s list is full of recipes to keep you warm. i know, i know, i need to stop complaining about winter. part of me has embraced it in the fact that i didn’t even bother with a new year’s diet – my reasoning being that i need the extra pounds to keep warm, but the other part of me still can’t help but complain about living somewhere where the air hurts my face.

first up on the list is what you can use as the base for all of your winter soups. perfect chicken stock from deb at smitten kitchen.

next is classic lentil soup from food52. slow cooked italian food always, always will warm you from the inside.


classic mac & cheese from canadian living. what better way than to add a couple of pounds of protection from the elements than with a giant serving of creamy comfort food. (tip, add crushed dill potato chips to the topping mixture. excessive? yes. but you will thank me)

more soup from kitchen konfidence – wrap your hands around a big mug of potato and broccoli soup, while you stare sadly out the window.


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