rio de janeiro

March 10, 2017

the only way to describe rio is: it’s lit.

i could never have imagined the vastness that is carnival, even after all of my research. so many people, so much music, so many costumes and colours and sparkles – it’s madness. carnival itself is like toronto gay pride, veld music festival (without the edm), and ever street party/festival you’ve ever been to all rolled into one. times 10,000. it’s chaotic, it’s loud, it’s drunk; the city was overflowing with a rowdiness i’ve never seen before. it was the definition of lit. i can’t even say lit in toronto anymore because it would just be an overstatement, now knowing what lit truly means. lol.

once carnival started to die down, it was easier to drink in more of the city. the stunning architecture, the contrast of concrete and lush jungle, the endless white beaches, the favelas nestled into the rolling mountains, and the kind, always helpful locals.

i drank caipirinha’s on the beach (the brazilian national drink made with sugar cane liquor, lime and mint), covered myself in glitter for sambadrome, and learned the basics of portuguese. my hair expanded 5 times it’s normal size every day, and i turned a lovely golden brown colour (which has now since faded).

rio was a much needed pick- me up – it’s vibrance will (hopefully) last me through right until spring! check out some pictures below!


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