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roasted beets & ricotta salad

June 7, 2017

i already have anxiety about summer being over and it hasn’t even started yet. we haven’t had a day where the temperature has climbed above 25 degrees yet, i’m still as pale as i was in the dead of winter, and i haven’t even grilled a thing yet! my schedule for june is already jam packed, and then it’s july (pray to the weather gods / mother nature  it will be warm by then), and then i’m in italy for basically the month of august then summer is over. every year i say that i can’t live in a country where there’s only 3 (at this rate only 2) nice months out of the year, yet i’m still here. i really need an exit strategy because this is slowly killing me.

what isn’t making me depressed though is that farmers markets have started back up again, so at least on the bright side i’m getting to eat some delicious ontario, seasonal produce. i’ve popped by the trinity bellwoods farmers market that’s just a 5 minute bike ride away from me a couple of times since it’s started, and i’m really looking forward to visiting the farmers market that’s just down the street from my house when it starts. at the trinity farmers market last week, i picked up these beautiful beets that i decided to roast and make into a salad. i paired it with ricotta, toasted walnuts & walnut oil, and a little orange zest to brighten up the whole thing. i want to try the same recipe and add in some baby mixed carrots – i’m in love with all of the beauty that comes from the ground at this time of year!

quick side note: i’ve been watching a lot of masterchef lately and am feeling really inspired to up my plating game – what do you guys think?!

roasted beet & ricotta salad

1 bunch beets, rinsed
1 heaping tablespoon fresh ricotta per plate
1 tablespoon toasted walnut oil
small handful toasted walnut pieces
about a teaspoon orange zest

add a little water to a pan, and roast the beets at 400 degrees for about 40 minutes, until easily pierced with a knife. cover with tightly with plastic wrap when still hot and let steam for about 20 minutes until cool enough to handle. gently peel beets.*

add a tablespoon ricotta cheese to a plate and smear. arrange beets on top, sprinkle walnuts over and then gently drizzle the toasted walnut oil. finish with orange zest and kosher salt and pepper.

*tip: if you have yellow and purple beets, roast them in separate pans so the colours don’t bleed. also, if the skins don’t slide off easily, it means they’re not done yet! pop them back into the oven for another 10 minutes.

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