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October 13, 2016

i was going through old photos today, looking for a clever throwback thursday post, and i ended up going through all of my italy photos and realizing i had never done a post on each city like i had wanted. so for the next couple of thursdays i’m going to throw it back to the best two weeks of my life and finally share those moments with you.

i wanted to share teggiano/sassano/sala consilina first, since it’s the place i miss the most. not a day goes by that i don’t think about the quiet streets, the majestic mountains, and my family. teggiano/sassano/sala consilina is this triangle tiny communes each nestled in the bottom of mountains where my nona grew up and where our family still lives. it honestly looks like the perfect postcard: old stone houses and sprawling family farms set on the backdrop of beautiful, green mountains. stone roads are narrow and sloping, twisting through the towns until you reach the square with it’s beautiful statue of the saint, where everyone conjugates at night to play cards, gossip, have a cafe or digestif. it’s a simple, modest way of living that has me smitten.

i miss my sitting with my zia on back porch, smoking, sipping espresso, laughing, and napping; i miss picking ripe fruit right from the trees and all of the beautiful flowers; i miss laughing with my cousins, walking arm and arm through the square in teggiano where everyone is saying a friendly “ciao” to one another. i miss the kindness and warmth of everyone i met, both family and strangers. it’s this crazy wonderful thing to meet all of your relatives for the first time and fall in love with them in only a couple of days, and to meet strangers i hope one day to call friends – from the kindest, loveliest receptionist at our hotel, to the son of the farmer who took us into the hills to see the cows, to my wonderful cousins and the ladies at my family’s digestif distillery.  i miss you all every day!

i am so thankful for these memories that i will continue to think about every day until next summer! teggiano-22 teggiano-26 teggianoooo teggiano2 teggiano teggiano11 teggiano1 teggiano-7 teggiano-1 teggiano-16 teggiano-15 teggiano-14 teggiano-25 teggiano-18
teggiano-8 teggiano-6 teggiano-24



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