March 13, 2017

out of all of the things we did on the trip, this was by far one of my favourites. just over a two hour drive outside of rio, our friends, ana and javier, have a goat farm just outside of the city teresópolis. teresópolis is located in a mountainous region known as região serrana, it’s a stunning area filled with rolling hills greener than what you think green can possibly be, and national park filled with rock formations and waterfalls and spring water. the city itself feels small and quaint, even though the population is around 130 thousand, and it’s bustling with brazilians and not a tourist in sight. the drive to the farm is about an hour outside of the city, down a dirt road through a small community in the middle of nowhere with zero cell reception. when we arrived it was close to 8pm and pitch dark and the sound of what had to be at least 300 frogs talking greeted us. the air was clean and smelled like earthy cinnamon and floral all at once.

we walked into what is basically my dream summer house that i imagine myself having in the south of italy – two small bedrooms and one large living/kitchen area with the highest ceilings made from shingles restored from the old barn, two stoves (one gas and one wood fire), and lots of shelving space. water that has natural minerals comes from a well, and there’s a window in the shower with a view of the cows roaming the mountain. the whole space is filled with light streaming in from the big doors and kitchen window, and they have an affectionate stray cat running around named gunther.

it was such a refreshing change from the madness that was carnival. so much open space, clean, fragrant air, cute animals and kids. we explored the hills and blew dandelion wishes with our new friends, ricardo and tamirez, ate the MOST delicious cheeses, bread and chimichurri, and disconnected from everything for a while. their plans for the land include a restaurant, a production facility for the goat milk and cheese they produce, and small houses for volunteers to come live and work. i can’t wait to see how it all comes together, and visit again in a few years once it’s complete.

see some pictures below, but i wish they were like scratch n sniff stickers so you could smell the air, hear the wind in the trees and the sound of the frogs & crickets. 🐐 💚

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