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the best kale salad

January 6, 2017

i didn’t make any solid resolutions this year. i’m just cruising into 2017 reminding myself to stay positive, confident and driven. the only real resolution i set for myself was to write every single day, even if it’s only a word. i kept a journal for my whole life, documenting every feeling and event, and i stopped maybe like 5 years ago and i can’t remember why. i want to get back into the habit of writing everything down – smells, tastes, sights – and try and form words for the so many experiences that fade from memory as everything seems to do. i forgot how much i had missed the smell of ink on paper, and how calming it is to kick out all of the thoughts that jumble around in my brain.

i only made that one resolution and i’m stickin’ to it! i’m not doing any new years detoxes, cleanses or diets. i’m not cutting carbs, dairy or sugar, and i’m still drinking my fair share of wine. i don’t do well with the whole self depravation thing, and i’m at the age where i’m starting to care a lot less about the extra couple pounds – a small sacrifice for the world of happiness food brings me. having said that, today something very rare happened: i started to crave salad. 😱 this is really weird because i don’t really do salad – only at the end of a very hungover day when i’ve eaten mcdonalds and pizza in the same 12 hours, OR on a really hot day (but even then i’d rather just have a margarita). i have nothing against it, just given the choice i would always chose anything else, so i was just as surprised as the kale was when i reached towards it in the fridge.

i started thinking about what i wanted from this rando salad craving: dark, lemony greens, a little sweetness, definitely some crunch and some salty cheese. this came together with a bunch of things i already had on hand, and i could not believe at how delicious it was. i ate TWO PLATES of it. TWO! i don’t know what’s gotten into me, but i do know that you definitely need to make this salad, whether you’re on the diet train or not. EAT YO GREENS (that’s how the saying goes, right?). 🌱

*i should mention, the really big deal breaker with this salad is to massage your kale. put on a great song / playlist and give it a solid 5 minute rub down *but don’t put on a drake playlist to have to run and change the song with oily lemony kale hands because you can’t stand future’s voice*. there’s nothing worse than un-massaged kale & future’s rapping skills. 🙅🏻

the best kale salad 
*serves two as lunch or four as a side

2 bunches green kale
1 1/2 lemons
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 good pinch coarse sea salt
1/4 red onion, very thinly sliced
1 handful toasted pine nuts
1 handful dried cranberries
1 big handful breadcrumbs
1 pinch chilli powder
pecorino shavings

wash the kale and remove the bottom 1/3 of the stems (only the really tough parts). roughly chop and add to a large bowl. add the oil, lemon juice and salt, and then massage with your hands, breaking down the kale, for about 5 minutes.

toast the breadcrumbs and chilli powder in a small pain with some olive oil. add the red onion, toasted pine nuts and cranberries and toss. top with spicy breadcrumbs and lots of pecorino shavings.

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