the perfect autumn day

October 17, 2016

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i have a newfound love for fall! i think i accomplished every cute fall activity on saturday and it was basically the best day ever. we got out of the city and drove to stouffville, which is north-east of toronto, which means i’ve never ever been in my almost 9 years of living in the city (i don’t even know where i am if i’m past eglinton), and it was lovely.

i remember when i first moved to the big city i thought the lights and all of the glass and concrete and hustle and bustle was so breathtaking, so exciting; it’s funny how the older i get the more i seek to get out of the city instead, the more beautiful i think open fields and trees are, the more i get excited at seeing animals instead of people. and SPEAKING OF ANIMALS!!! (solid transition there lol), i’m madly in love with cows. i have been for some time now; i just think they’re the cutest, prettiest animals ever and my life goal now is to hug one and be it’s best friend – some people want a pet dog, i want a pet cow (sigh.. i’m aware of how weird i am, don’t worry). so this obsession with cows has been going on since before i saw the wild cows in the mountains in italy, but i haven’t seen any since. so we’re driving along the back roads of stouffville, and we’re seeing so many farms with horses, and i love horses too, but i really wanted to see my cows. so we’re driving along and i’m a little sad, and suddenly i see them! on the other side of the road, so far back it’s amazing i actually could spot them and all laying down, but there they were! i SQUEALED and made my boyfriend stop the car and ran across the private property to see them and i teared up i was so excited.

along with the cows (which were the highlight of my day, and the day was already pretty wonderful), we picked some apples from a small orchard, went to a pumpkin patch (my first time ever!). we stopped at a small farm on the side of the road because we saw a sign that said “turkey pies & butter tarts for sale”, where i bought honey collected by the farmer’s friend up the street. visited a farmers market selling beautiful ontario harvest, cookies, pies and preserves and drank apple cider and laughed a lot.

i used to dislike fall because of the impending doom of winter, but the stunning colours and crisp air are really starting to win me over! and i’m not even ashamed to admit that i loved all of my basic bitch snapchatting & my starbucks apple cider. cheers!

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