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thirsty thursday

February 26, 2016

i’ve always liked drinking; when i was younger it was fun and crazy. i drank tequila straight and i was wild and obnoxious and somehow never had a hangover. i never believed my older friends or my parents when they said “just wait a few more years and you won’t be able to drink like a fish anymore” and damn they were right.

now, that’s not to say i don’t still drink enough, but in the back of my mind i’m always conscious of how hungover i’m willing to be the next day (sometimes more than others, lol), with the older i get the less i’m willing to commit to a night of drinking because i can’t stand wasting a day eating junk food and being unproductive (actually i love eating the junk food, but it’s mostly the feeling unproductive).

DSC_0114i’d like to think that being a little older and wiser, it’s time to be enjoying booze in a more refined way. another one of my resolutions this year was to start learning about wine and how to pair it with the food i make, as well as make hand crafted cocktails with homemade ingredients. welcome, thirsty thursday to lwb! every couple thursdays i want to share with you guys a drink to get you through the last day of the week and kick start your weekend. a seasonal, classier way to get your buzz on.

for the first installment, we are drinking my favourite type of liquor mixed with grapefruit juice, perrier and a simple syrup that happened by accident.


as tequila was when i was younger, gin is now my favourite. i really enjoy the taste, either mixed or on it’s own. my favourites have been henricks and dillons, but since receiving ungava as a gift it’s now first place on my list. it’s canadian made, originating in the arctic region from handpicked native botanicals that include wild rose hips, nordic juniper, cloudberry, labrador tea, arctic blend and crowberry. it’s mild and floral tasting and a pleasure to drink.


the simple syrup was actually a wonderful mistake. when making this beet & citrus salad i ended up with a lot of peels that i didn’t want to just toss away (working my resolution to be a smarter cook!) so i simmered the peels in some water with cinnamon sticks and ginger and it made the apartment smell incredible. after a couple of hours the peels were mushy but the water was still fragrant so i removed the peels and cinnamon, took a cup of the water and mixed it with a cup of sugar and simmered it down until syrupy. the result was a spicy, citrusy sweet syrup that i can’t wait to try on everything.

DSC_0775 PicMonkey Collage

cheers to the weekend and to spring around the corner xox

ungava gin & grapefruit cocktail
*makes 1 drink

1.5 oz ungava gin
0.5 oz syrup
ice & perrier to fill
rosemary sprig to garnish (optional)


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